Work strategy

Taking into consideration unique needs of clients and integrating them into the contemporary trends of visual communication, every project has its market value raised in our house. In order to achieve that, we invest much time into detailed research that precedes any new idea.

 Marketing strategy:

1. Recognizing potential users

2. Market analysis

3. Competition analysis

4. Defining directions and goals

5. Financial analysis

6. Brand design and development

7. Advertising

Brief – providing basic guidelines on a project. The client gives instructions to the agency. The creative team studies the brief.

De-brief – elaboration of the basic brief with the client in order to clear up possible pending issues.

Creative work – supervised by the creative director, the team meets and the first ideas are generated. The basic idea is chosen and further elaborated. Carefully prepared visuals are presented to the client in the form of a model or on a presentation card.

Production / media – production team is involved in every phase of the work. Our creative ideas are pushed through a production filter and may encompass the production itself or its monitoring, which in the end, enables creation of a high quality and special product.