Information on the company

Information and contact details:

Phone: + 385 1 3361 136

Fax: + 385 1 3325 633

Company’s name: Studio Grozić d.o.o. (ltd.)

Seat: Žumberačka 3, 10430 Samobor, Croatia

Reg. no. 080530112

Company ID no. (PIN) 11299707270

Transfer account: 2484008-1103118814, open at the Raiffeisen BANK Austria d.d. Zagreb

IBAN: HR6324840081103118814


Equity capital: 20,000.00 HRK

Directors: Romano Grozić and Aida Čorbo Grozić

Studio Grozić is a limited liability company for promotion registered with the Commercial Court of Zagreb.